Message from the HoD

Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space and change. Mathematics is the science that draws necessary conclusions. Mathematicians formulate new conjectures and establish truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen axioms and definitions. Through the use of abstraction and logical reasoning , mathematics evolved from counting, calculation, measurement and systematic study of shapes and motion of physical objects. Practical mathematics has been a human activity for as far back as written records exist. Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine and social sciences.

Applied mathematics, the branch of mathematics concerned with application of mathematical knowledge to other fields, inspires and makes use of new mathematical discoveries and sometimes leads to the development of entirely new mathematical disciplines, such as statistics and game theory. Several areas of applied mathematics have merged with related traditions outside of mathematics and become disciplines in their own right, including statistics, operations research and computer science.

Understanding and describing change is a common theme in natural sciences and calculus was developed as a powerful tool to investigate it. The rigorous study of real numbers and functions of a real variable is known as real analysis. Functional Analysis focuses attention on typically infinite-dimensional spaces of functions. One of many applications of functional analysis is qauantum mechanics. Many problems lead naturally to relationships between a quantity and its rate of change, and these are studied as differential equations.